A Not So Terrible Thing, In It’s Place


A Not So Terrible Thing, In It’s Place is a new ambient noise double LP + 62 minute bonus track from Ambire Seiche. It can be played or downloaded on Sonic Squirrel.



Stillness In Motion – debut album by Ambire Seiche

Stillness In Motion

Introducing Stillness In Motion, the debut album from Ambire Seiche. It’s a work which has been a long time coming – a couple of weeks, a lifetime, who’s counting right? I think it’s been worth the wait. Seven tracks running a total of 85 minutes long, consisting of mostly lo-fi ambient goodness with a touch of industrial drone. Downloadable on Sonic Squirrel at Release AS-002: Stillness In Motion.

Also included is an accompanying pdf booklet – Stillness In Motion – by Ambire Seiche